Volunteer - LeConte Elementary BUSD


Parents, guardians, and other school volunteers from the community play a vital role in supporting our students and teachers.  We encourage all LeConte parents and guardians to help out where they can . . . even just an hour or two is a huge contribution.

Volunteer Coordinator

For more information, please contact Gaddy Reyes by email: gmbreyes@gmail.com

Current Volunteer Needs

A fun and wonderful way to make a big impact for ALL kids in the LeConte Community, while getting to know other LeConte families!


Finance Team— Individual, or team of individuals who oversee all major school fundraising activities. Fundraisers include Annual Fund/One More Month (Fall/Winter), and Spring Auction (Spring), which raise ~ $20-$30 K and $45-$60 K, respectively. Fundraising leaders may work hands-on to facilitate fundraising activities, or may choose to form and oversee teams of volunteers for each.

Emergency and Safety Committee-be part of this team

Web designer and/or developer—this person will work with the Communications team to improve the functionality of the LeConte Online website.

Translator to help translate school materials

Coordinator for Student Directory

Other Ways to Make a Difference

Below are some ways to chip in and make a difference:

  • Volunteer for a regular hour in the classroom, cafeteria, library, or on the playground
  • Be a room parent
  • Chaperone a field trip
  • Help sew the annual quilt
  • Work a shift at school events
  • Attend PTA meetings
  • Help organize school activities or programs
  • Obtain donations for the Silent Auction
  • Participate in school clean-up days
  • Translate documents from English to Spanish
  • Copy and put up flyers around the school
  • Donate services or supplies, baked goods, or drinks
  • Participate in parent organizations or committees

Join the PTA