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Berkeley LEARNS@LeConte

The Berkeley LEARNS program at LeConte offers an array of enriching activities for children. Parents/guardians are required to pay a fee closely aligned with family income.  Please see the fee scale. All families paying below the full-fee rate must provide income verification, which may include one or more of the following:

- Paycheck stub

- Tax return

-  CalWORKS documentation 

You will be asked to pay for the first month and a deposit, which is equal to the last month’s fee. Start fees must be paid before your child begins the program. Special financial circumstances and arrangements can be discussed. Parents and guardians of participating kids are required to attend an orientation, which usually takes place the week before school starts.  And they are also required to volunteer 10 hours during the year. Some ways to volunteer include: 

- Attend family pot-lucks and evening meetings,

- Tutor or offer to teach classes

- Be a chaperone

- Volunteer on the yard or garden

- Help clean-up at the end of a day

- Or you may have other ideas of how you’d like to serve Berkeley LEARNS@LeConte?

New and returning families must enroll or register with the Program Coordinator, Brazil McIntyre, who can be found in the cafeteria Flex room A. Packets to register are available for pick up before school starts. For more information call Brazil at 510-883-5244, or email here at .

You can also review other Berkeley LEARNS policies or the program on the BUSD website.

After School Resource

Homework Rooms

    • Kindergarten- 110 & 102

      Irene- 105
      Shaela- 104
      Maria- 106
      Shari- 103
      Ray- 107
      Mr. Colvin- 207
      Danielle- 203*
      Javon- 206 **
      Brazil- 205

      * On Thursdays, Cooking room
      ** On Wednesdays, Cafeteria