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After School

What Happens After the Bell Rings?

There are two options for after-school programs:  Berkeley LEARNS@LeConte  and PTA-sponsored enrichment classes.

Berkeley LEARNS @ LeConte

This Berkeley Learns @ LeConte program provides academic support, cultural enrichment, and recreation from the end of the school day until 6:00 p.m. during the academic year. In addition to having homework centers and tutoring sessions, the programs offer opportunities for developing literacy and math skills through hands-on activities such as: story-telling, gardening, cooking, performing arts, and writing centers. For more information, please see the Berkeley LEARNS @ LeConte page. 

PTA Enrichment Classes

The PTA organizes a stimulating selection of after-school enrichment classes are offered on-site and available for a fee. A flyer advertising the classes goes home to families at the beginning of each term. 

This is not a district-wide program—parent volunteers coordinate the classes. If there are not enough registrants, classes could be canceled. The PTA’s goal is to make them available to all students via partial and full scholarships. 


Can my child do PTA classes and Berkeley LEARNS@LeConte?

Yes, students can attend a PTA enrichment class and then proceed to another after-school program. After school staff will assist younger students with fi nding their class. Please note: variations of some classes/activities exist in multiple programs—for example, there might be an art class offered by the PTA and an art class in Berkeley LEARNS@LeConte. Please check with the after school coordinator to clarify what enrichment opportunities are offered during each semester.

Does my child need to be in an after-school program to participate in PTA classes?

No, your child can sign up for any of the PTA classes, regardless of whether he/she is enrolled in another after-school program at LeConte.