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Farm & Garden

Farm & Garden (K-5)

Founded in 1983, LeConte’s Farm and Garden program is the oldest and most developed in the school district. Guided by our beloved “Farmer Ben” all LeConte students have the opportunity to learn in the garden about the ways fruits, vegetables and animals help enrich our lives.

Twice a month, students receive a consciousness-raising experience as they learn how eating healthy today will impact their lives and the planet in the future.

“Hands-on” experiences involve not only fruits and vegetables, but also chickens and rabbits to give students the opportunity to appreciate life cycles up close.

Meet “Farmer” Clio Kirkman...

LeConte’s Americorps Member, assisting Farmer Ben in Farm & Garden


Farmer Clio really likes gardening with kids and is excited to be working with Farmer Ben at LeConte.  Our children have already impressed her with their level of farm and garden knowledge and their adventurous spirit, especially their willingness to taste new foods.

Before she came to LeConte, Clio worked at City Slicker Farms in West Oakland and the Manzanita Elementary School garden in Oakland.  She grew up in Washington, DC and received a BA in Comparative Literature at Smith College, where she also took horticulture classes.  Clio grew up helping with her grandmother’s garden and hearing stories about her great grandfather’s efforts at organic gardening in the 1950s. She also loves cooking. 

The cost for LeConte’s Americorps Member is paid in part by BSEP (Berkeley School Excellence Project)/Measure A funds, a parcel tax created in response to school funding shortages.