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The LeConte library serves all students. Students in grades K-3 attend the school library once a week. Children check out books to take home and to return the following week.

Classroom visits include a read-a-loud story time and book talks. Students in grades 4-5 attend the library weekly or bi-weekly and for extended periods when requested by their teachers. Upper grade students learn library skills with the on-line catalog and develop research skills using the computer lab. Teachers use the library for specific research in conjunction with classroom study units.

Our librarian, Estella Sisneros, collaborates with the teachers, knows the children and helps them find books that match their interests, in addition to introducing them to new subjects from the wide variety of great books in our school library. Students check out books for recreational reading, as well as for class assignments.

Please take an interest in you child’s library use, know what your child is checking out, help them return their books on time, and make time to enjoy reading with them. Thank you!


The library is open every day, 8:00 am - 2:30 pm. Students visit the library with their class on a weekly basis per the schedule listed below. 

TK Bernal Fri / viernes
Kinder Joseph Tues / martes
  Lourdes Tues / martes
  Rocio Thurs / jueves
1st Calderon Thurs / jueves
  Rhoads Mon / lunes
  Torres Thurs / jueves
2nd Barer Wed / miercoles
  Diebel Mon / lunes
  Martin Mon / lunes
3rd Cross Thurs / jueves
  Lupercio Thurs / jueves
  Tyshler Wed / miercoles
4th Henderson Tues / jueves
  Macias Fri / jueves
5th Auletta Tues / martes
  King Fri /viernes

The library is closed for general use during Language Lab.

Recess and special projects

The library recess schedule will be posted as soon as it is available.

Students may visit the library when working on a special project. Their classroom teacher will work out arrangements with Ms. Sisneros.


Contact Ms. Sisneros.

LeConte Library Online

Did you know that our LeConte library is online? Search the catalog, listen to audiobooks for free on Tales2Go, access Google Drive or try your hand at the Typing club!