1st Grade - LeConte Elementary BUSD

1st Grade

Language Arts: First grade is an exciting year. Students develop confidence in their reading skills and ability to gain meaning from a variety of text genres. Students understand the basic features of reading. They select letter patterns and know how to translate them into spoken language by using phonics and dividing words into parts and syllables. They apply this knowledge to achieve fluent oral and silent reading.
Students learn to write clear and coherent sentences and paragraphs that develop a central idea. Their writing shows they consider the audience and purpose. Students progress through the stages of the writing process (e.g. drafts, revisions, and editing). First graders practice using appropriate mechanics, spelling conventions, and descriptive vocabulary.
Students deliver brief recitations and oral presentations about familiar experiences or interests that are organized around a coherent themed statement. They also learn to listen critically and respond appropriately to oral communication.
Mathematics: Students learn math skills from the First Grade Standards strands: number sense, algebra  and  functions, measurement, geometry, statistics, data analysis and probability, as well as  mathematical reasoning. By the end of the year, students:
•      use the concept of ones and tens in the place value number system.
•      add and subtract small numbers with ease
•      measure with simple units
•      locate objects in space
•      describe data, analyze and solve simple problems.
Science: The first grade science curriculum follows the three strands: Life, Earth and Physical Science. In Life Science, students learn that living things have needs. Earth Science lessons teach students that weather can be observed, measured and described. In Physical Science, students learn that materials take different states including solid, liquid and gas. 1st graders learn to ask meaningful questions and conduct careful investigations in all three areas.

Social Studies: First-graders continue to learn a more detailed treatment of the broad concepts about rights and responsibilities in the contemporary world. The classroom serves as a microcosm of society in which decisions are made with respect for individual responsibility, for other people, and for the rules by which we all must live: fair play, good sportsmanship, and respect for the rights and opinions of others. Students examine the geographic and economic aspects of life in their own neighborhoods and compare them to people long ago.  They explore the varied backgrounds of Americans and learn symbols, icons, and songs that reflect our common heritage.

Meet Daniel Reveles 

First Grade Teacher, Two-Way-Immersion, Room 103


Meet Andrea Calderon

First Grade Teacher, Two-Way-Immersion, Room 107


Meet Silvia Torres

First Grade Teacher, Two-Way-Immersion, Room 114