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What Makes LeConte Unique?

LeConte’s Farm and Garden program is one of the oldest in the district at 26 years. Twice per month, every LeConte student explores the life and earth sciences while integrating food and nutrition into their science study.

LeConte’s Two Way Immersion program brings native Spanish and native English speakers together in classes designed to produce students in a K-5 standards based curriculum who can speak, read and write in both languages.

LeConte’s Full Inclusion program supports children with learning or socialization differences in the general classroom. 

LeConte’s Reading Recovery program is designed to help struggling readers become confident and fluent with text.

LeConte’s new Conflict Resolution program trains selected students in grades three through five to become conflict managers and student leaders in the school.

LeConte’s newly expanded Instrumental Music program provides the opportunity for first through fifth graders to learn a musical instrument and read musical notation.

All LeConte students receive Art Enrichment classes taught by a specialist to learn various art application techniques and mediums.

All LeConte students receive instruction in Visual Thinking Strategies to learn vocabulary and critical thinking techniques to describe and interpret art and other visual material.

LeConte K-3 students receive Dance Instruction during the year to learn the movements and music from different Latino folk traditions.

LeConte’s after-school program LeConte Community Kidz offers students additional enrichment opportunities and academic support with a variety of classes, clubs and activities.

LeConte fifth graders annually attend MOSAIC Camp where they learn to gain respect and appreciation for the uniqueness of all individuals and recognize commonalities we all share.

Each year LeConte fourth grade students attend Sierra Outdoor Science School in Sonora, California, as an extension of their studies about the California Gold Rush.

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